Welcome! Thanks for dropping by my studio! I take art and design commissions with more services to come!

Vtuber Models scheduled until approximately Winter 2023, stay tuned for opening announcements on Twitter
Other commissions may have waitlist options, please inquire.Company/group projects, please inquire.Vgen platform is available for browsing


I'll be honored to bring to life you and your character!I will work with you to create complex, unique, stylish, original, lore-filled and immersive designs. I specialize in fantasy, science fiction, fashion, streetwear, and techwear styles, as well as weapons and accessories.

L2D Model Design & Art - $2000+

Pricing varies according to complexity of design, special features and cutting (rigging features/needs), budget for usually more than base price.This chart is an example of price ranges, not an absolute quote:

ComplexityLayersRenderingPricingTime (Approx)
Low300Flat Cell$2000~2-3 months
Medium500Painted$4000~4-5 months
High700+Reflective$6000~6-7 months

Model examples range from Medium to High, Painted to Reflective

- Free character design1
- Full Body L2D Art PSD/CLIP (and PNGs), ready to rig
- 8 Standard Expression Assets: Sad & Teary, Angry Mark, Blush, Sweat Drop, Sparkle Eyes, Heart Eyes, Disgusted Lines, Dark Shade
- Free Expression/Mouth Guides
- Requirements Spec for Rigger
- Free Ref Sheet + Model Reveal Design2
- Commercial license of the art produced (digital only, excludes merch/products) and character design rights
- 7000-10000 px height
- Free Marketing/Vtuber Guidance/Production
- Does not include rigging/animation

- +$10/additional Face Expression
-+$50-100/additional Hand Expression
- +$30 90 Face Turn Layer
- +$100 Hand Rigging Layers
- +$50+ Additional Hairstyles (depends on design)
- +$50-100+ Mascot/Pet/Familiar
- +$50-100+ Weapon/Back Pieces
- +$50-100+ Tails
- Additional Outfits (design dependent)
- +$100 Nude Base Model
- Clients can return for add ons and outfits
These add on prices are adjustable and negotiable

1. Apply for a limited slot with some basic info
2. Invitation to commission server
3. Consultation of character, requirements and design, providing character inspo/references, specifications like height and size, lore discussion and so on
4. 50% downpayment
5. Design sketch, color test phases and approval
6. L2D model art phase and approval (this will take the longest)
7. Final payment
8. Delivery of ref sheet, model reveal sheet, model file, full access to vtuber family section in server
9. Rig spec doc & rigger consultation
1 if you have a design already, I may suggest alterations/upgrades to the design and request some creative freedom. Of course any changes will be approved by client. Note: having a design doesn't provide a discount because it's free inclusion and not reflected in the price and L2D models will take the same amount of time2 Ref sheet will only use, display, highlight the completed PNG in a cohesive branded design layout, optionally can also do a Model Reveal sheet, it does not include additional drawings such as back view, side view, poses etc. You can opt out of this if you wish.Note: Models depending on complexity take a long time and timeline is usually a few months to half a year due to health. Plan in advance. I cannot take rush commissions for L2D.I can recommend riggers if you need and I will be communicative with riggers as necessary


Fuwa Buns YCH Mascot L2D Model - Art $45 / with Rig $100

- Rig ready art file (PSD)
- 7 expressions
- Commercial digital license (not for physical reproduction and merchandising)
- Rig add on ($55) by RamuneLive

Character Design - $500

Reference sheets can vary but can include:
>> 1 character design + outfit
>> 1 additional outfit, mini character/vehicle/familiar or back/side view
>> Additional features and details
>> 1 signature accessory, 1 signature weapon
>> Text and labels

Weapon/Accessory Design - $250+



Bust Up - $125 / character
Thigh/Leg Up - $160 / character
Full Body- $200 / character
NSFW - +$40 / character
Complex poses, effects, outfits, weapons, and backgrounds will increase price.These are approximate prices and are subject to adjustment depending on complexity.Style subject to minor changes as I improve as an artist


Bust Up - $100 / character
Thigh/Leg Up - $125 / character
Full Body- $150 / character
NSFW - +$40 / character
Complex Poses - +$40 / character
Complex Outfits - +$40 / character
Basic Background - Included
Complex poses, effects, outfits, weapons, and backgrounds will increase price.These are approximate prices and are subject to adjustment depending on complexity.Style subject to minor changes as I improve as an artist

Color Sketch

Bust Up - $50 / character
Thigh/Leg Up - $70 / character
Full Body - $90 / character
Complex poses, effects, outfits, weapons, and backgrounds will increase price.These are approximate prices and are subject to adjustment depending on complexity.Style subject to minor changes as I improve as an artist


I specialize in detailed, custom, immersive, lore based identity and environmental themes for streaming and templates.Set yourself apart with a cohesive identity that elevates the experience of your own persona, community, viewers and fans.Typically comes in the below packages only rather than separate items as there needs to be a beginning investment of time into concept and theme set up.Note this does not include character illustration. Character model/art and lore/concept must be provided.Pricing may vary depending on complexity and timelines

Standard Streaming Package - $400

Included Items:
>> Base Theming Fee (required) - $150
>> Commercial License
>> Screen mode - $50 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Full Screen Mode - $30 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Chat mode - $50 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Starting Soon - $30 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Offline Screen - $30 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> BRB - $30 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Ending Screen - $20 (50% discount on additional versions)
>> Twitch Panel Headers, up to 6 - $40, additional $5
Add Ons
>> Custom Themed Stinger Transition - TBA
>> Stream Overlay Animated Element - TBA
>> Schedule - $70

Website Design - Contact for Details

Vtuber portfolio in progress. Previous professional portfolio consists of over 50 IRL corporate, enterprise, and business clients.We've led development and UI/UX for large scale websites and apps, off of platforms like Webflow, Wordpress, custom builds, Angular, React, Flutter, and more.


With 10 years of branding design experience, I will design a logo and brand package for you to unify your cohesive identity! Logos also can be applied for merch and products like apparel.

Logo Only - $150

Included Items:
>> Logo Design in color and B&W

Branding & Identity - $200

Included Items:
>> Logo Design in color and B&W
>> Typography Selection
>> Color Scheme/Palette
>> Decorative (usually vector) Pattern Design & Borders
>> Brand & Usage Guide Deck


Through a combination of illustration or vector art, we can create custom streaming assets to suit your needs.

Custom Assets - Contact For Pricing

Free Asset Downloads

Replica Musical Instruments, Clothing Items, etc.Free Asset Downloads


Before starting a project, we need to make sure we are on the same page so there aren't misunderstandings and to protect against fraud, so please take some time to read through these terms! Thank you.This Terms of Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between the Artist and the Client for the commission of an artwork ("Work"). By commissioning the Artist, the Client agrees to the following terms:

1. engagement

a. Client provides clear and complete requirements and expectations upfront, including reference materials or assets before Work begins.
b. Client grants to the Artist non-exclusive rights to observe and replicate Client’s own character design and reference material for the use of the Work.
c. Client warrants that the character design and reference material provided to the Artist are legally obtained and authorised for use by the Client.
d. Client warrants that they have the authority to enter this agreement, be the point of contact and is solely responsible for decisions and approval during the process.
e. Artist strives to perform to the best of their ability in good faith and warrants Work is 100% original according to Artist’s best knowledge.
f. Artist may use commercially licensed, copyright-free and/or educational materials, assets and/or tools.
g. Artist warrants that they will not copy or heavily reference unauthorised materials.
h. Artist reserves the right to refuse projects or requests based on content, subject, or other reasons.
i. Artist defines scope of work, features, price, deliverables and other details for the project in a proposal in a format according to Artist discretion which may include private message through Discord or Twitter, VGen platform, Google document, or email. The details set forth by the Artist shall be agreed upon by the Client before work begins.

2. content

a. Artist will not create content that is explicit, offensive, or inappropriate.
b. Specific restrictions may include but are not limited to furries, mechs, explicit adult content, underage characters, excessive muscles, gore, copied styles, and gender identities or cultures the Artist may not be able to portray authentically.

3. timeline & process

a. Work completion requires 2 weeks minimum, and may take up to 7 months depending on each project.
b. Timeline depends on commission type, complexity, and workload.
c. Client should plan launches and streams accordingly.
d. Artist provides progress updates and seeks Client feedback voluntarily.
e. Final deliverables are provided by the Artist using the VGen platform, Google Drive or similar file transfer tools.
f. If there are any delays and adjustments to timeline, the Artist will inform the Client.
g. Clients must agree to delays exceeding 3 months through standard communication channels. h. Clients have the right to request refunds 3 months after deadlines if Work has not been delivered and there was no agreed upon amendment to the timeline.

4. revisions

a. One major revision allowed per item shown to the Client during the process.
b. After line art, only minor revisions are allowed.
c. Additional charges for excessive revisions may be required.
d. Revisions may affect progress and timeline.

5. communication

a. Ongoing communication and discussion will occur throughout the project, including but not limited to work in progress, idea generation and collaboration, situational updates, and more.
b. Communication channels may include a dedicated commission Discord server, Discord or Twitter private messages, Trello, or others according to Artist discretion.
c. Artist response time may vary, up to one week in order to provide better or more concrete updates.

6. rights & usage

a. Artist Rights
i. The Artist retains copyright, ownership, redistribution and intellectual property rights, which includes but is not limited to display, advertising, printing, the Work and work in progress on websites, social media, portfolios, public broadcast channels (i.e. Twitch) and more.
b. Client Rights
i. Clients receive exclusive, non-transferable usage rights to the Work for personal use. Refer to Section 6.b. for commercial rights.
ii. Personal use means: display on social media accounts for promotional purposes with no direct monetization such as profile pictures, banners, and posts; print and framing in personal spaces; display as part of designs on websites and channels, excluding use in content of these websites or channels.
iii. Client must not claim Work as their own and must credit Artist using their social tag/username/link at the instance of display of the Work or permanently on their websites, social media profiles, broadcast channels and so on.
iv. Client must not edit or modify Work in any way without prior permission from the Artist.
c. Commercial Rights
i. Commercial usage rights are not included unless specified in the commission type or listing on the Artist’s websites (i.e. vtuber models, stream overlays, emotes, and so forth) or as agreed upon.
ii. Commercial rights means usage of Work on streams or any monetized instances, or selling or reselling Work to another party, as a part of any product, or on another platform.
iii. Usage of Work for AI (artificial intelligence) tools; platforms or programs, ML (machine learning) tools, platforms or programs; AI or ML training; NFT; blockchain; or other for-profit platforms/purposes, is strictly prohibited.
iv. Additional charges will be required for commercial usage if not included, typically 2x of the original cost.
v. In the case of commissions providing character design, the Client additionally receives non-exclusive Intellectual Property rights license over the character design and concept only, for further production and usage, such as for artistic reinterpretation or production as merchandise or stream assets.
d. General Rights
i. Except by the Client and any authorized personnel, the Artist's Work must not be reposted or used in any capacity by any other party without express written permission.

7. payments

a. Client pays up to $150 value, or pays a 50% downpayment for higher value projects.
b. In the case of projects above $150, 50% is due at first complete preview of the final deliverables.
c. Invoices, proposal or payment link will be sent to the Client when Artist is ready to begin work. Clients must not send money before these requests for payment from the Artist.
d. Invoices must be paid within 72 hours, or the project may be cancelled.
e. Prices are in USD, and paid via VGen, Stripe, PayPal, or methods as provided by the Artist.
f. Prices may vary or change depending on complexity, requirements and/or additional requests.
g. Once Work has begun or payments have been made, the Client acknowledges Work and deliverables are digital and there are no physically shipped goods to receive.
h. Client warrants they will not issue chargebacks and the refund policy mentioned below will be followed.

8. cancellations & refunds

a. If Client requests cancellation, 50% of project fees may be forfeit if cancelled within 2 days before work starts. A partial to full refund may be provided if there is more than 2 days’ notice.
b. No refunds are possible after work begins unless initiated by the Artist.
c. If Artist cannot complete work or there are delays as detailed in Section 3 for unforeseen reasons, the Client may be eligible for a full refund. If work done up to this point is accepted and used by the Client, the Artist will provide a partial refund only.

9. indemnification

a. Client indemnifies Artist against claims, losses, damages, and expenses related to Work usage by the Client, breach by the Client of the Agreement, or third-party claims.
b. If Client's rights are violated or the Work is not delivered as agreed, Artist will work to remedy the situation.

10. acceptance

a. Client is 18+ or has parental/guardian authorization.
b. Agreement date is upon first inquiry/communication or first transaction.

note: business clients

For business level clients, businesses, agencies, organizations, management and groups, please contact me to arrange in more detail.


Feel free to get in touch via Twitter @keyokku or keyokku[at]gmail.com. But the best way would be to check for commission status and updates on Twitter or VGen and fill in the Google form or send in a request via VGen when my commissions are open.